After eating crunching pink tomatoes most of the year, we are deluged with an abundance of ripe red tomatoes from the garden

From feast to famine (actually from famine to feast) it is easy to take our tomatoes for granted, so ya gotta search for gratitude, enjoy home grown tomatoes and seize the day



Nothing is more productive, saves you more money and reaps such benefits as a strong herb garden.

Once the plants are established, they are prolific and provided the most satisfaction of any crop last year. We can purchase most produce (squash, cucumbers, eggplant) for a reasonable price, but a small shrink-wrapped container of herbs is big money.

Sage: for Chicken

Basil: for Chicken and Tomatoes

Dill: for Pickles


Oregano: For Chicken and Tomato Sauce

Chives: for Chive Vinegar and Pickled Chives

Parsley: for Juicing

Rosemary: Chicken


2017 Game Plan

Wild Flowers,

Winter Squash

Greens: Swiss Chard, Kale, Mustard

Tomatoes: Cherry, Sandwich Slicer, Roma, Delicious

Pages: Each Plant, Big Ideas

When to start from seed, when to use last year’s plants, when to buy plants

What we learned


Fencing: Rabbits, Geese and Kids

Buy it Early

Buy the bags of sand, manure and compost early
they will be gone by the end of the year
when you are ready to prep your soil for next year

Buy those plants to fill in empty spots before they are gone
afterwards you might need to go to the expensive place and buy larger plants

Soil Boosters

Is this small packet of beneficial, or is it a scam
When I emptied it into a bucket of water, the water darkened . . .

Myco Blast
Protect seeds and young plants with Myco Blast, a blend of natural soil microbes which acts as a biological root inoculant, helping your plants’ roots to absorb water and nutrition while enriching the soil. Just 3 applications at the start of the growth season jump-starts the healthy growth of your plants!

Soil Blast
Nourish the soil with Soil Blast

Super Myco Tea
Maximize flowering with super myco tea, a molasses-based compost tea alternative which helps break down natural debris into soil nutrients that boost your plants’ bloom strength. Ready to use and so easy! Apply weekly during the bloom season

Kelp Blast
Feed the garden all season long with Kelp Blast, a natural superfood made of sustainably harvested Norwegian Brown Kelp containing the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins which stimulate soil microbe growth, improving moisture-holding ability and aeration. Apply all season as a root drench and/or a foliar spray.

A blend of all-natural, OMRI-listed soil probiotics

Pruning the Garden

As a preventive measure, we plan to prune the garden this summer

Tomato Plant finally start to grow and suddenly get out-of-hand

They are too big
They are cluttered
They have bugs

Big Ideas:
Visit the Garden Every Day

It is easy to identify those plots whose owners come-by weekly:
There is drought
There are weeks

How To Prune Tomato Plants: In 3 Easy & Important Steps LDSPrepper (You Tube)